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Black Washed Wall

Donovan Noel's literary brush strokes create a gallery of characters that embody flair and fallibility. Despite their flaws, they triumph over personal and cultural challenges, always striving to achieve the greatest rewards of the human spirit - love, family, and friendship.

Black Washed Wall
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Opening Paragraph Quote

"You see #32 is more than just a number to us; it’s a talisman that carries the weight of our dreams and our hope for a better tomorrow, a tomorrow where our skin color won’t be a target."

Closing Paragraph Quote

"I paused, felt wind, smelled scents of sea and flowers, bent to feel rugged, silky soil of mother earth and called this home. I bathe in consciousness pure, baptized through cleansing didactic waters of my Father."

Black Washed Wall
Currant Work in Progress

The Orphan of Pére Lachaise

"My art has long passed the border of obsession. Like a stalking shadow that hungers for secrets, I rarely abandon the cemetery, sketching the haunting beauty of erosion.


My attention to detail is like that of a forensic investigator, dissecting every element of each tombstone I paint until I reveal its hidden essence. With each piece, I weave a tale of death and decay as it battles against the selfish resistance of life."

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