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Blue Smoke

Donovan Noel

The Ballad of Robert Four
Country Version                              Raggae Version

In a Texas town where the sun sets low,
Raggae-Ballad of Robert Four

Enchant yourself  to my monthly Journal

- a breeze of words, a kiss of  France, and a devotion of Jackals!

Blue Smoke

The Two Lives
of Robert Four

Beneath a
Jackal Moon

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 AUTUMN 2024

"You see #32 is more than just a number to us; it’s a talisman that carries the weight of our dreams and our hope for a better tomorrow, a tomorrow where our skin color won’t be a target."

"I paused, felt wind, smelled scents of sea and flowers, bent to feel rugged, silky soil of mother earth and called this home. I bathe in consciousness pure, baptized through cleansing didactic waters of my Father."

The Orphan
of Pere Lachaise

No Body


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"My art has long passed the border of obsession. Like a vampire thirsting for blood, I rarely abandon the cemetery, sketching the haunting beauty of erosion. My attention to detail is like that of a forensic investigator, dissecting every element of each tombstone I paint until I reveal its hidden essence. With each piece, I weave a tale of death and decay as it battles against the selfish resistance of life."

"Whenever I was born, I was provided with a mannequin. A very loud motor was attached to operate its movement’s and gestures. They called the motor a brain. It had steering mechanisms they called frontal lobes and it was fitted with this cerebral cortex they told me was used to operate emotions."

Blue Smoke
Heading 5
La Joie de Vivre: Paris

Travel Guide

for Veteran and First Time Paris Travelers

Embark on a captivating journey through the heart of Paris with this vibrant and visually stunning travel book. Whether you're a seasoned explorer seeking the city's best-kept secrets or a first-time visitor eager to uncover the magic of Paris, this book is your passport to an insider's perspective.


Through a rich tapestry of captivating images, discover hidden gems nestled amidst iconic landmarks, untold stories behind historical sites, and off-the-beaten-path activities that often escape the tourist radar.


This book seamlessly blends the allure of timeless classics of Paris with the thrill of uncharted discoveries, ensuring every reader experiences the true essence of the City of Light.

Selection from

Becoming No One

Becoming No One Cover.jpg

Follow the extraordinary adventures of Ugo Pèlerin as he ventures from one philosophical mystery and paradox to the next as he seeks enlightenment ...and survival.

This months preview features begins with Ugo's birth and the Title of the book. Can Ugo find himself in a world of mannequins?

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