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Blue Smoke
Blue Smoke


Together, as they embark on a journey to discover the identity of KK's elusive father, leading them from a Texas rattlesnake farm to the ancient mysteries of the Shroud of Turin, unveiling the dark secrets hidden within the Kaine family lineage.

Can the bond of KK and Beau withstand the weight of terrifying truths and, perhaps, find enlightenment in unexpected places? Join them on a gripping adventure where love, self-discovery, and a laugh illuminate the path beneath the jackal moon.



Beneath a Jackal Moon immerses you in the captivating world of Kai “KK” Kaine, where extreme wealth and isolation collide with metaphysical challenges that defy explanation. Sequestered on an opulent estate by his media mogul mother, KK finds solace in his enigmatic companions - fifty black-backed jackals. KK longs for simplicity, a father, and a friend which lead him on a journey filled with secrets and revelations.

When KK befriends Beau, a shattered exchange student from Paris haunted by a childhood tragedy, who has refused to laugh for five years and seeks redemption through their friendship, KK grapples with outer spirits of deceased souls who seek him out for reasons beyond comprehension.


“I closed my eyes when I dreamed of being poor,” laments the richest boy in the world, Kai (KK) Kaine, a precocious 14-year-old with a pristine heart."

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