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Jackal be Nimble, Jackal be Quick & Clever, Loyal, Mysterious

Blue Smoke
Blue Smoke
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   The Jackal

- what a legendary beast! There could be no other animal in One Light to replace the jackal. Their relationship to royalty and dieties is long and deep.

   Jackal Gods

       Ancestry is a strong root to the relationship tree between Kai and his canines. Jackals are animals that directly represent the people of One Light they protect. Their royalty equates to the Kaines, but even more so do their behavior symbolizes the equivalent behavior in the characters.  

  •       The ancient Egyptian Jackal-god Anubis was the guardian of the dead and the main judge to decide whether a person deserved to pass to the afterlife or not.

  •     Hermanubis was a strange jackal god from the Roman and Greek tradition.

  •     Native American's believed supernatural forces will inhabit a jackal body and roam the earth.

  •     In Senagal, beliefs are prevalent the first animal created by the supreme being is the jackal. 

   La Famille Avant Tout

    Family First - the trademark saying of the Laughed family - is the sole objective of Kai's life. He yearns for a traditional family of love and devotion. Jackals possess just that.

  • When adolescent jackals are grown and ready to move on, they will remain in their original pack if there are younger siblings who need protection and care.

  •  Jackals are a monogamous creature with one mate their entire lives.

  • They create small packs, usually of four to five per pack.

  • Each family has it's own unique whine or howl and only jackals of that pack will respond to the howl, even if it's a call for found food. 

   Cunning and Smart

    Young KK describes a room as small and bright - "the way I like to view myself."  Black-back jackals are known as one of the most cunning animals on the planet. They are also the smallest of the three types of jackals: black-backed, golden, side-striped.

  • They will set false traps for other animals to distract them from found food source for themselves.

  • These are crepuscular creatures who remain active during dusk and during dawn, in order to avoid most animals who prey during night or day. 

  • They symbolize trickery in the Native American culture.


    To define the world's greatest friendship between Kai and Beau, loyalty is the greatest asset. Beau's life is a devotion to his savior, though each save each other's lives, either through consciousness or physical action. Beau is often compared to Hanuman, often considered the greatest friend in history for his devotion to Lord Ram in the Hindu culture. It's no surprise of his reincarnation.

  •  Once a jackal finds friendship or love, they become happy, caring, devoted and fiercely brave to protect their loved ones.  



    The entirety of Kai's life is spent living in isolation with one or two friends, family, or gurus around him. Once again, jackals often spend alone time, thus symbolizing the life of Kai Kaine. 


    Once the hard work is performed and food is abundant, jackals love to remain active and play joyously with their pack. Never does a day go by without Kai spending time with his jackals, running long distance or wrestling with them. 

  Quick Jackal Facts

  •    One of the fastest animal  - especially in long distance

  •    One of the smartest animals

  •    One of the most loyal animals

  •    One of the most bravest animals - India and Packestani cultures compare them to lions

  •    One of the most mysterious animals

  •    Prefer to eat carcasses - usually left overs from other animals, but will eat ANYTHING, even fruit


   Jackal display all of these traits in their devotion to Kai Kaine and Beau Laughed, and the devotion and love is reciprocated in equal love. They even share a tomb in Pare Lachaise cemetery. No other animal could ever be a 

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