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The debate between Beau and KK began over obsessive Christmas decorations in America.

Before this argument made its way to the Biblical Final Testament, each listed 10 issues that made

Paris and San Antonio unique. Here they are:

Eiffel Tower
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You have to have been born  Texan… 

13. Street food is divine!

12. Television excessive violence is normal. Subtle nudity condemned.

11. Christmas decorations cover 90% of house. lawn and pets

10. Wear HUGE, bulky mums with dangling three foot ribbons at homecoming football games stuck to their clothes. Why?

9. Take Family photos in patches of blue bonnets. It's a thing!

8. Ride large inner tubes down rivers

7. Eats Nothing in proportion. Everything is Bigger in Texas. Restaurants serve on 12 in plates and massive sizes.

6. Have their own dialect - make up own words, i.e., betcha, gonna, fixen-to, all git-out, conniption


5. Tell distances in time, not milage.


3. Overly friendly 

2. Never leave the couch on Sundays


1. Care more about high school football, than collegiate or pros. 

You don’t have to have been born Parisian to be one… Parisians are made, not born

13. Worlds finest food everywhere.

12. TV subtle nudity is normal. Excessive violence condemned

11. Christmas decorations are suble, quaint - no outside lights

10. Drink coffee and hot beverages from a bowl - so satisfying

9. Everyone has a dog! 

8.  No phones or electronics at dinner table-especailly with family!

7. Eat ANYTHING you like - in MODERATION. wine, cheese, and LOTS of cream sauces - almost no obessity. Restaurants serve on 8 inch plates.

6. SPEND TIME WITH LOVED ONES. This is a priority. It is illegal for a business to text or email workers after hours - it's personal time!

5. Wear lightly touseled hair for a natural, less pretentious look. 

4. Live with simple elegance without pretention - "A la bonne Franquette!"

3.  Tell it how it is - frank discussions - political, religious etc. - are essential for Parisians, especially at a dinner table. 

2.  Enjoy fine bread.

1. LA BISE - The kiss as a greetings between close friends, family and co-workers. Handshakes are too formal, hugs are too personal. It's a balance - most are air kisses. 

P a r i s

San Antonio

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