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Minor Characters

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Alize Laughed

Owner of Pumpkin Patch

Moman of Beau & Ben Laughed


Simon Laughed

Owner of Pumpkin Farm

Father of Beau & Ben Laughed



Leader of the Tattva Estate Black-backed Jackal Pack



Leader of the Tattva Estate Black-backed Jackal Pack

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Blade Basstian

Lost his virginity at birth, Blade yearns for acceptance, which is not granted by the nuns, but rattlesnakes seem to like him. 

Goat Bastian.jfif

Goat Basstian

Father of Blade and KK

Snuggles with rattlesnakes

Lance Hastings_edited.jpg

Lance Hastings

High School Valedictorian

Prefers shadows over direct sun.

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John Valdez

Three Time Teacher-of-the-Year.  Seems to motivate Devils and Gods.

bau 46_edited_edited.jpg

Beau Laughed (age 40)

Bonus Major Character:  Celebrating his 40th birthday at Pare Lachaise Cemetary


Swami Ganesh Das

Master of Consciousness. Guru of KK.


Swami Ganesh Das

Sadhu - Master of Consciousness
Guru of Kai - can't live in a cave without him!

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