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Lead Characters


Kai "KK" Kaine


     "Children of billionaires closest companions are safety and security," especially when you're the wealthiest boy on the planet. 

     Kai, only 14, is intelligent and wise. He grew up within the  walls of Tattva Estate, barren of friends his age. He yearns for family, friends, and a simple life. Even life's inexpensive  treasures cost a fortune. 

"I inhaled high school and exhaled homeschool!"

Beau Laughed

     An unthinkable boyhood tragedy, transformed the happiest boy in Paris to a life doomed of self-torment. Beau is doomed to a lonely existence.

  "How do you seek happiness, when happiness is the origin of your suffering."


beau black final_edited.jpg

“Jackals have the soul of a philosopher.”

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The Friendship

     The strength of need begets the strength of bonds. KK suffered greatly being isolated and yearned to open the doors to the world. Beau suffered greatly in tragedy and yearned to close the doors to the world. KK only knew intimate bonds of human connection, something Beau wanted to leave, but needed to grab on to. KK wouldn't allow him to withdraw. No other friends would have enabled the quality of life they provided for each other

Top 5 Greatest Friendships in History

5. Groucho Marx & T.S. Eliot

4. Henry Ford & Thomas Edison

3. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart & Joseph Haydn

2. Lord Ram & Hanuman

1. Beau Laughed & Kai Kaine

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beau older1_edited.png

Kai and Beau take the top TWO spots! 

3 Celeste Kaine 2_edited_edited.jpg

Celeste Kaine

    The founder of Kaine is Able communications - the world's most powerful news organization, Celeste works "to the soul" to build wealth and opportunity for her son, and covertly for the world. If it takes strength to possess a secret, Celeste Kaine is the strongest person in history!  

"I love defense, it's so satisfying to counter assaulting aggression."

Dr. Bjorn "Bear" Adelward

    When medical, spiritual, and emotional guidance is needed, the ultimate sourse is always a Norwegian Hindu medical doctor and enlightened guru. Bear is a devoted seeker of God, and knows how to manage Him when he finds Him. 


“When you suffer misery, pain, anger, it's time to look within you, not around you.”

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