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Chapter Two
The Seals

Authors reflections on

  • Names, Places, Symbolism & Allegories, Philosophies

  •   Book Club Questions.


"It is by suffering that human beings become angels"

- Victor Hugo

The quote serves to foreshadow the approaching difficulties that will affect not only the boys but also Celeste's company, Kaine is Able Communications. As the CEO, Celeste displays her power and control during a business meeting and a covert operation involving the Seals of Apocalypse strategy, which intends to increase viewership by using the million deaths of the war as a marketing strategy, an extreme approach.

In response, a rival network introduces the Seals of Amnesty, which are placed in two contrasting locations: the war-torn country of Rwanda and the snowy Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. This contrast highlights the opposing nature of the two seals on a larger scale.

Later, Beau visits Tattva Estate, where he takes a tour and sees Rodin's famous sculpture, The Gates of Hell, meets 50 black-backed-jackals, and learns that Kai is a high-level tennis player. Despite KK's reluctance, the boys try out for the tennis team. Beau defeats the top player, but his experience doesn't meet his expectations. This scene showcases the different mindsets of European junior tennis and Texas tennis, creating yet another dichotomy.


Book Club Questions

1. Discuss the various Seals in Africa and their possible meaning in the story.

2. Beau's knowledge of Rodin's Gates of Hell shows his interest and depth in love of French art. How might this reflect in his relationship to what we know of KK?

3. Did Beau's harsh reaction to the choking mockery from Andy seem out of character from what we know of him at this point?  

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