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The Two Lives
of Robert Four

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Embossed Paper

As a black teenager, Bobby “Ghost” Freeman does everything he can to protect his family from the wrath of a judgmental community. Hurricanes and a lurking deputy sheriff are part of living along the East Texas swamp. With a determined grit, Ghost becomes an academic and athletic prodigy. But troubles are never far away when living on the edge of Kooth, Texas, a sunset town where Blacks aren’t welcome after dark.

Years later, Robert Casper Auclair, a white boy in Paris is haunted by vivid, chilling nightmares that transport him back to a different time and life. In this other world, he struggles in a savage swamp amid the viciousness of a catastrophic hurricane and the presence of a white supremacist deputy. As Casper ages, his basketball dreams of playing in America come true, but he must reconcile the demons of his present with the haunting echoes of his past.

The Two Lives of Robert Four seamlessly weaves together two narratives, exploring issues of prejudice, family bonds, and sacrifice while keeping you on the edge of your seat. Follow Ghost’s journey of family survival and discover if Casper can overcome the ghosts of his past to realize his dreams. 

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