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Heading 6

“I closed my eyes when I dreamed of being poor,” laments the richest boy in the world, Kai (KK) Kaine, a precocious 14-year-old with a pristine heart, and a fierce yearning for a simple life with a father, a friend and a complete family.


KK’s mom, media mogul Celeste Kaine, has a vastly different vision for him. Together they live on an opulent estate in the hills of Vera City, Texas, where Celeste keeps KK closely guarded and isolated, for clandestine reasons – along with their 50 black-backed jackals!


KK befriends a reluctant schoolmate Beau – a broken exchange student from Paris - who seeks the solitude that KK is eager to abandon. After causing a devastating boyhood tragedy, Beau has refused to laugh for five years. He hungers for atonement, pondering if this new friend can help.     


Together the boys search for the identity of KK’s father from rattle snake farms of west Texas to the Shroud of Turin in Italy. During their search KK and Beau uncover several dark Kaine family secrets.


Can the boy’s new friendship be strong enough to conquer Beaus inner demons and KK’s outer devils? The answers are terrifying and enlightening.

As a black teenager, Bobby Ghost Freeman does everything he can to protect his family from the dangers of his judgmental community. Hurricanes, a lurking deputy sheriff are part of life living along an East Texas swamp. With a determined grit, Ghost rises to become an academic and athletic prodigy. But troubles are never far away living on the edge of Kooth, Texas, s sunset town – where Blacks aren’t welcome after dark.


Years later, Robert Casper Auclair, a white boy in Paris, is haunted by a vivid, chilling nightmare. His dreams take him back to a different time, in a different life where he’s struggling in a savage swamp, amid the viciousness of a catastrophic hurricane, in the presence of a white supremacist deputy. Once he ages, Casper’s basketball dreams of playing in America come true. There, he finds himself struggling to reconcile the demons of his present with the haunting echoes of his past.


The Two Lives of Robert Four seamlessly weaves together two narratives, exploring issues of prejudice, family bond, and sacrifice while keeping you on the edge of your seat. Follow Ghost’s journey of family survival and discover if Casper can overcome the ghosts of his past to realize his dreams.  

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The Two Lives of

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